The following information was used to prepare the Westside Area Concept Plan Report (December 29, 2017).  To start from the beginning, please go to the bottom of the page.

Draft Westside Area Concept Plan (October 4, 2017)

Building upon work completed between August of 2016 and September of 2017, the Technical and Project Advisory Committees discussed the draft concept plan at their meetings on October 11th, 2017, including the following components:

In addition the committees briefly reviewed potential amendments to the Hood River Zoning Ordinance that were drafted by the project team to implement the Hood River Westside Area Concept Plan.  Some of these amendments could be applied citywide consistent with recommendations of the City's 2015 Housing Strategy.  The draft amendments are described generally in the following Code Concepts Memorandum, and in detailed underline/strikeout text within the code chapters below.

Code Concepts:

Draft Amendments

Project Advisory Committee Materials

Technical Advisory Committee Materials

Open House Materials

Project Materials

Background Materials

Technical Advisory Committee Members

  • Kevin Liburdy, City Planning Dept. (PMT)

  • John Roberts, Director, Hood River County Community Development Dept. (PMT)

  • Gail Curtis, ODOT, Transportation and Growth Management Program (PMT)

  • Joel Madsen, Executive Director, Mid-Columbia Housing Authority and Columbia Cascade Housing Corporation

  • Saundra Buchanan (CFO) and Don Benefield (Operations Director), Hood River County School District

  • Julie Stephens, Interim Director and Patty Fink, Director, Columbia Area Transit

  • Mark Hickok, Director, Hood River Valley Parks District

  • Scott Edelman, Central Oregon Regional Representative, Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development

  • Kim Travis, North Central Regional Solutions Team, Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services

  • Avi Tayar, P.E., ODOT Region 1

  • Mark Lago, Director, City Public Works and Engineering Dept.

  • Mikel Diwan, Director, County Public Works and Engineering Dept., or Don Wiley, County Engineer

  • Cindy Walbridge and Jennifer Kaden, City Planning Dept.

  • Steve Wheeler, City Manager

  • Kip Miller and Leonard Damian, City Fire Dept.

  • Neal Holste, City Police Dept.
    * PMT = Project Management Team

Advisory Committees

The volunteer Project Advisory Committee (PAC) included property owners in the study area, representatives of local advocacy groups, the City of Hood River and other interested parties. 

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was made up of local and state agency representatives who provided guidance on the project too, particularly in regard to legal requirements, planning and engineering analyses, inter-jurisdictional coordination and similar technical issues.

Originally scheduled to meet five times during the course of the project to provide guidance to the project team, a total of seven PAC and TAC meetings were held.

The public was welcome to attend PAC and TAC meetings, and time was reserved for public comments at PAC meetings.

Consultant Team

  • Angelo Planning Group, Land Use & Project Management

  • Walker Macy, Urban Design

  • DKS Associates, Transportation

  • ECONorthwest, Economics and Housing

  • David Evans Associates, Infrastructure

Project Participants

The Hood River Westside Area Concept Plan Report was prepared through a partnership between the City of Hood River, Hood River County and the State of Oregon Transportation and Growth Management program.