Public hearings are underway to review the Westside Area Concept Plan Report and make refinements to it - learn more here.

Project Overview

The goal of the Westside Area Concept Plan is to develop an integrated land-use and transportation plan for the 450-acre project area located within the City of Hood River and Hood River County. 

The project was initiated in September of 2016 and it addresses land use, streets, bike ways, pedestrian paths, parks, schools, utilities, and infrastructure funding. It is intended to facilitate the development of workforce and affordable housing, refine the Transportation System Plans (TSP) for the City and County, and apply smart growth development strategies. The plan will recommend updates to the City's comprehensive plan and zoning designations as well as code amendments consistent with the project's objectives.

The Westside Area Concept Plan Report (published December 29, 2017) was funded by a grant from Oregon’s Transportation and Growth Management Program.

Project Area Overview

  • Contains approximately 450 acres and consists of 577 lots/parcels including developed neighborhoods, vacant and partially vacant lands.

  • About 55% of the Project Area is vacant or partially vacant land within residential zones.

  • Includes a total of approximately 65 developable acres zoned General Commercial and Light Industrial, located in the northern part of the subarea.

  • Includes a 17-acre vacant parcel owned by the Hood River County School District that is being considered for future facility needs.

About 160 acres of the Project Area are located outside the city limits but within the Urban Growth Boundary. An intergovernmental agreement between City and County addresses the County’s management of land use activities in this Urban Growth Area (“UGA”) consistent with City standards until such time that annexation occurs. The City and County were co-applicants for the grant funding development of the Concept Plan Report, and are coordinating on the project.

View of Mt. Hood from the southern portion of the study area.